It’s A Wrap.

And just like that the 2015 indoor season has come and gone for me. It was short and sweet which is all you can ask for at the end of the day. Two weeks ago was my last indoor race of the season in Montreal at the AC Indoor Nationals. The event went well despite the strange result. I ran a 400m there and managed to finish 3rd even to my surprise.

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Bean Town!

I can’t lie I was super excited to compete in Boston. Since it was the Valentine Day weekend I was hoping that the meet and track would show me a little love after such a long time away. The last time I ran here was six years ago in 2009 when I was in grade 12. I ran a then indoor personal best in the 200m of 21.97 as a high-schooler at a collegiate meet. It was a great experience for me and one that I would never forget. The track itself is amazing. Nice wide corners, bouncy, but not too hard surface. In essence the perfect indoor 200m track that I’ve ever been on. I’m not a fan of 200m tracks, but if all of them were built like the one in Boston…. well then I’m sure I’d have a different opinion.

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Home Sweet Home

It’s always good to compete at home. You have home crowd advantage, you’re on your home track, everything is always just a little sweeter when it’s at home and for me it was just that. Sweet. I was able to set a personal best in the 300m (33.47) go back under 6.9 seconds in the 60m (6.88) and run a strong leg in the 4×400 (48.8x).

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NY City – 2015 New Balance Invitational

What’s going on folks?

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The second stop on the indoor competition circuit for me is NY, NY for the 2015 New Balance Invitational at the Armory. This would be my 3rd time competing in NY and it’s always a good meet with a good atmosphere. The venue calle the Armory holds a lot of history as it’s the home of the USA Track and Field hall of fame, plus a lot of notable names and times have been run there. The goal at this meet was to get a good run the 60m, run a PB in the 400m and if possible hop on a 4×4 relay for some extra fitness work. The meet was held on Friday and Saturday with schools from all over the U.S showing up.

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2015 Indoor Season Kickoff and McGill Recap


Mcgill 1

And so it begins! The indoor season of Track and Field is officially upon us. Well… me I guess more so than many of you who may be reading this. Since the least time I wrote I’ve been training really hard as well as growing my beard out to help keep my face warm during this cold winter. I finished my stint at my part time job which was lots of fun and now it’s time to get back to updating. This indoor season is less hectic than previous seasons I’ve had. I only have five meets that I’ll be competing in this year which is significantly less than what I have done in the past, with the main reason being that I’m no longer competing on the university circuit. Here are my competition dates,

Competition Dates:

Montreal, QC (McGill) – Jan 23-24

New York, NY (New Balance Inv) – Jan 30-31

Ottawa, ON (Uottawa Inv) – Feb 6-7

Boston, Mass (Boston Inv) – Feb 13-14

Montreal, QC (AC Open) – Feb 20-22

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First Practice In the Books!

The first practice of the 2014/2015 Track and Field year is completed. Thank God! There is always this sense of anticipation when starting a new year of training. It’s akin to going to class on the first day of school – there’s nothing really like it.  Seeing your training partners again after a long time, catching up a little bit, trying to guess what the workout will be. It’s refreshing in its own unique way. Continue reading