First Practice In the Books!

The first practice of the 2014/2015 Track and Field year is completed. Thank God! There is always this sense of anticipation when starting a new year of training. It’s akin to going to class on the first day of school – there’s nothing really like it.  Seeing your training partners again after a long time, catching up a little bit, trying to guess what the workout will be. It’s refreshing in its own unique way.

In terms of the actually practice itself, it wasn’t too bad. Fairly easy in comparison to previous first days (my coach can sometimes be a creative person when it comes to pain). The warm up was relaxed, we did 2×5 short hills for our workout which was fun and then hit the weight room. This was where I knew most of the pain would come for me. I haven’t lifted since my break and anybody who’s done weights or any sort of exercise knows that when you go back to doing physical activity after you haven’t done it in a while, you are going to be sore the next day. So, needless to say, I’m sore and my body is in pain – but it’s soreness that leads to greatness, right?….Or something like that.

I think I will update the blog every Saturday or Sunday with weekly updates. I may do a few posts during the week, but you can always count on there being updated content on Friday.

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Until next time!


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