Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada, so even though I’m a late to the party I still have to wish all my fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend with family and friends.

One thing I’m grateful for as an athlete is that I’m not loved more or less by God based on the amount of medals or titles that I’ve won (or lost). I’m thankful that He still has my back regardless of how I do. It allows me to focus on doing my best in training and competition and not worry so much about the outcome. Sometimes I forget this, so every now and then it’s good to take time out and say thank you. I was also thankful that we had an extra day off from training! In previous years Coach has given us a tough workout, but he decided to give us an extra day (I think he’s gotten a little soft! :P) still you will not see me complaining one bit.

Other than that things have been pretty good! Last week we finished our third week of training which culminated with a tough 400m repeat workout on Saturday. I actually don’t mind running 400m, but when you have to do it multiple times with a short amount of rest… it just starts to loose its appeal you know? Ever heard of death by hanging? Well this is death by 400m; and for a short sprinter, it’ pretty much the same thing.


What I look like after a really tough workout.

In other news, I’ve started volunteering in a new area in my church! For those of you who don’t know, I play the drums so I would usually drum on Sundays with the church band, but because of my training schedule I haven’t been able to drum as much as I’d like to anymore. However, I still wanted to be involved so I spoke to our Creative Arts Pastor and now I’m helping out behind the scenes in “the booth”!

Practicing to not mess up when people arrive Sunday.

The sound booth is a totally different world! It really opened my eyes to the amount of work that goes into a typical Sunday service. So much relies on the people who work back there and them not making mistakes. Talk about pressure! It’s crazy and can get quite intense, but I actually love it! Plus the guys back there are hilarious and don’t take themselves to seriously. Any mistakes are taken in stride. My job, incase you were wondering, is to control the slides that appear on the screen during worship and while the pastor is speaking, as well as play scheduled videos, and help the service transition from one aspect to another. I was shadowing another “multi guy” on Sundays before I started doing it on my own (“Multi” is short for multimedia. That’s the name for the person who is responsible for multimedia in the booth). Last Sunday was my first Sunday solo and I’m glad to say that it went well! I didn’t break anything :).
I’m also pretty excited because I’ve found some part-time work. The past couple months have been busy for me as I’ve be on the hunt to find some part time work to help support this dream of mine. I will admit the whole process of applying, writing and re-writing cover letters, going to interviews, touching up my resume and the sort was fairly exhausting. But in it all I was able to find some work, so I’m pretty nervous as I am excited.

Do anything new or exciting lately? Let me know!


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