2015 Indoor Season Kickoff and McGill Recap


Mcgill 1

And so it begins! The indoor season of Track and Field is officially upon us. Well… me I guess more so than many of you who may be reading this. Since the least time I wrote I’ve been training really hard as well as growing my beard out to help keep my face warm during this cold winter. I finished my stint at my part time job which was lots of fun and now it’s time to get back to updating. This indoor season is less hectic than previous seasons I’ve had. I only have five meets that I’ll be competing in this year which is significantly less than what I have done in the past, with the main reason being that I’m no longer competing on the university circuit. Here are my competition dates,

Competition Dates:

Montreal, QC (McGill) – Jan 23-24

New York, NY (New Balance Inv) – Jan 30-31

Ottawa, ON (Uottawa Inv) – Feb 6-7

Boston, Mass (Boston Inv) – Feb 13-14

Montreal, QC (AC Open) – Feb 20-22

McGill Recap

I kicked off my indoor campaign in Montreal Quebec, debuing at the McGill Invitational. The meet is a fairly popular meet that attracts a lot of Canadian Universities as well as some open athletes like myself so it always makes for good competition. It’s packed, theres no space, everybody’s close together, it’s our first meet. Good times.

Overall the competition for me was not the best. I competed in the 60, 300m and the 4x400m relay. I managed to run 6.88 in the 60m which is ok considering that my PB/PR in the 60m indoors is 6.82. The 300m was a disaster in a word – I ran 34.40 (My PB/PR in the 300m on a 200m track is 33.88) so not the best outting there. The 4x400m offered a little ray of sunshine into what was looking like a gloomy opener. I split a high 49.xx and helped my team to break the meet record which was a good way to end what was looking like a pretty bad meet.

Despite all this, the indoor season for me has never been about running blazing times. Not to say that I don’t want to run fast times indoors. I really do! However, the focus is more about getting ready for the outdoor season vs the indoor season (this doesn’t excuse poor performances). These indoor meets just help to get some of the race sharpness back in me after 4 months of serious training, as well as it provides some competition to break up the repetitiveness of the training grind. We get to go out and have some fun, compete well, and see where we are at. If we end up running fast great! If not, then it sucks, but it is no big deal. As long as what needs to happen outdoors happens. That’s the goal of indoors. To compete well and stay healthy.


Next up New York City!


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