NY City – 2015 New Balance Invitational

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The second stop on the indoor competition circuit for me is NY, NY for the 2015 New Balance Invitational at the Armory. This would be my 3rd time competing in NY and it’s always a good meet with a good atmosphere. The venue calle the Armory holds a lot of history as it’s the home of the USA Track and Field hall of fame, plus a lot of notable names and times have been run there. The goal at this meet was to get a good run the 60m, run a PB in the 400m and if possible hop on a 4×4 relay for some extra fitness work. The meet was held on Friday and Saturday with schools from all over the U.S showing up.

NY city.


All my races were on Friday with the possibility of a Saturday run if I was able to get on a relay.
Well I’ll start off with the bad news. My 60 was absolutely horrendous. borderline truly embarrassing especially when you think that I’ve been to the Olympics before. I ran 7.08 which is a far cry from what I normally run and a definite far cry from what world class 60m sprinters run. All I could do after the race was shake my head, head back to the stands and get ready for my 400m. Me and the 60m have been butting heads for the past couple of years, so something is going to have to give sooner or later. I just have to remain patient. The good news was that I was able to come back and PB in the 400m (49.26)! This was pretty exciting I don’t run 400’s that much especially indoors as I usually the 300m, but to be able to race the 400 in the states was fun. They get really excited over the distance so it gets me excited as well.

Fun times at the Armory.

Fun times at the Armory.

Another bonus to all my races being on Friday was that I was able to enjoy a full day off from competing on Saturday. I was put on any relays so me and my training partner Mike Robertson explored a little bit of dowtown NY.

Walking in NY city.

Walking in NY city.

NBC Studios

NBC Studios

Rink of Dreams

Rink of Dreams

It was nice being a tourist and being able to enjoy a bit of the city. Most times when I travel it’s strictly business so it was refreshing that we got to mix a little bit of fun during the trip. We checked out the famous Rockefeller Tower, And saw a bit of Radio city. We also checked out some of the churches and were even able to catch a bit of the choir rehearsal which was really cool. Those boys can sing man and the acoustics in the church were just amazing. From their we hopped the train to the meet to watch the rest of our teammates compete. So all in all it was a solid trip.


Next stop Ottawa!


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