Bean Town!

I can’t lie I was super excited to compete in Boston. Since it was the Valentine Day weekend I was hoping that the meet and track would show me a little love after such a long time away. The last time I ran here was six years ago in 2009 when I was in grade 12. I ran a then indoor personal best in the 200m of 21.97 as a high-schooler at a collegiate meet. It was a great experience for me and one that I would never forget. The track itself is amazing. Nice wide corners, bouncy, but not too hard surface. In essence the perfect indoor 200m track that I’ve ever been on. I’m not a fan of 200m tracks, but if all of them were built like the one in Boston…. well then I’m sure I’d have a different opinion.

One crazy thing about the trip to Boston was that it took us 12hrs to get from Ottawa to our hotel. Just incase you were wondering 12 hrs on a bus is not fun at all. It usually takes around 8-9hrs to drive down, so we were all cramped on that bus for an extra 4hrs, but at the end of the day we made it safely to our destination which was the most important thing.
Long bus rides are not the business.

Long bus rides are not the business.

In terms of the actual competition. Things went alright. I ran a personal best again in the 200m (21.10) and a personal best split in the 4x400m relay (48.4x). I wasn’t to happy with the 200m time. The goal was to go there and dip under 21 seconds. Even if I would have ran 20.99 I would have been satisfied with my performance, but it just didn’t end up happening. That’s just Track and Field for you.  I felt better about the meet after I was told my 4x400m split time. I was a little tired going into it not to mentioned a little frustrated with my 200m performance, but I managed to deliver a solid split for myself and help us get the win in our heat. Despite the excruciating amount of pain that a 4×4 can bring to a guy like me, I actually enjoy running 4×4 in the States. The people there love the 400m and really get into the relays, especially 4×4’s so it’s always something special. You can watch our race here on Flotrack for free.
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Next stop Montreal!…. Again!

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