It’s A Wrap.

And just like that the 2015 indoor season has come and gone for me. It was short and sweet which is all you can ask for at the end of the day. Two weeks ago was my last indoor race of the season in Montreal at the AC Indoor Nationals. The event went well despite the strange result. I ran a 400m there and managed to finish 3rd even to my surprise.

It was fun to compete in Montreal on a different track than what I’m used to. Usually when I race in Montreal it’s at the McGill track. This time around the event was held at the Claude-Robillard Athletic Facility which was pretty impressive. It was my first time running there. The crowd atmosphere was also better than I expected which also helped to make the meet better. My final time ended up being 51.21 a far cry from what I’ve usually ran for my 400’s, but in Track and field, just like life, you have to take the good with the bad. I’m glad that I was able to exit the competition healthy and with no injuries and so I live to run another day.

Feeling the pain in that 400.

Feeling the pain in that 400.

As sad as it is that the indoor season is coming to an end, I’m even more excited for what the outdoor season has to offer. This week I’ll be running in Ottawa at our annual indoor-outdoor meet. I’m really fortunate to train in a facility that has a full 400m track. So every year the club puts on an indoor meet with all the outdoor events. It’s a fun way to start the transition to the outdoor season and see where you are with training. I’m looking forward to redeeming myself a bit in the 200m from Boston so it should be good.

It’s been a solid indoor season for me. I was able to run a PB in the 200m, 300m, and 400m as well as stay pretty consistent under 6.9 in the 60m. For sure my 60 has to get better and I’m sure it will it just needs some time.

In the meantime, I’m working on creating a YouTube page that’ll have weekly updates of some behind the scenes stuff so I’ll let you know when that is all ready. Don’t forget to take a quick second to give me a like on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. You can also check me out on Instagram too.


Until the next time.


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